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How to use Elasticsearch  with SQL Server

Elasticsearch  can add a wonderful working value to any relational database management system which is in vogue now-a-days, but it needs to be used with a working knowledge of “why to use” and “how to use” before being used with any SQL server. SQL server may be storing data in any form which can be […]

Architectural Considerations for using Elasticsearch

If you have decided that Elasticsearch will be considered in the solution design, then it becomes imperative that one knows certain aspects of Elasticsearch from the perspective of the design. Some of the most important initial considerations from the point of view of architectural designs are enumerated below: Elasticsearch is a database system which is […]

ElasticSearch – Storage Architecture using Inverted Indexes

Elasticsearch is a cloud-based search server that uses the Lucene engine and is an open source under Apache licensing terms. It has been second in popularity as compared to Apache Solr. The way data is stored and searched is very different from that of the conventional relational database systems. Based on JAVA, Elasticsearch is a […]

Creating an Eclipse RCP application

Eclipse comes up with a great feature using the Rich Client Platform( RCP) to build applications that can match native applications that is build on any other platform.If you haven’t read about Extension Points , I would recommend to read that before continuing. On the project that you have created, right click and select Product configuration […]

Top 5 Java Books for beginners

Top 5 Java Books for beginners – download, pdf and HTML These are the top 5  java books which every professional or amateur in java should go through. Even though there are lot of website that provide data, these books are of immense value. These 5 java books will be an asset at any point in […]

Adaptive vs Responsive design

This discussion is very prevalent these days as the way people browse over the internet is changing. The devices are changing from desktops to all forms of hand held devices. Many a times the website owners or the designers find it difficult to cater to this growing demand. During the recent times, responsive design happened […]

J2EE Containers

The application server which control and provide services through an interface is  known as a container. J2EE container helps in deployment and execution of J2EE component. In J2EE specification we can classify container types as five. Three of these are server-side containers: The server, which provides the J2EE runtime environment An EJB container that manage […]


Multi-tiered distributed application model is mainly used for enterprise application in J2EE.In this model, application logic is divided  into components based on functions. Various application components make up a J2EE application and this application is installed on different machines depending on the tier it belongs. The tiers of distributed multi-tiered model are as follows Client […]

Best place in the internet where you will get Java J2ee pdf tutorials

The below links provide the good sites in the internet where you can get java,j2ee pdf materials apart from j2eebrain. Best place in the internet where you will get Java J2ee pdf tutorials 1) http://www.digilife.be/quickreferences/pt/fundamentals%20of%20the%20javamail%20api.pdf This site explains the fundamentals of the JavaMail API. The following are the contents of this pdf. A) Introduction of JavaMail […]

Extension Points

What are Extension Points? Extension points are nothing but dependent functionality basically from libraries and jars that are used by the plug-in. The details of these libraries and jars are normally in the plug-in.xml file. This file is placed in the root directory. Like any other configuration files this is loaded in the start of […]

Applications on Eclipse

Applications on Eclipse Explaining about applications built using Eclipse RCP Eclipse is one of the most popular IDE in the open source world that is used widely for developing and building applications related to Java, JEE.  The version 3 of Eclipse gave a new face to the IDE by supporting the development of stand-alone applications […]

Eclipse Shortcuts

Eclipse Shortcuts Normally shortcuts are used to reduce time of any activity. There are lot of shortcuts for the Eclipse IDE which are not generally aware to the developer. Below we are listing important shortcuts for Eclipse EDE. Eclipse IDE provides lot of short cut. There is a master shotcut which opens a dialog box. Any […]


Checkstyle Checkstyle is a tool in the open source community which helps to ensure that the java code is following the standards that you are recommending. In checkstyle you can customize rules that will help you to address certain coding standards Setting up checkstyle The installation details can be obtained from the sourceforge.net/update You can […]

Secure Coding Guidelines

Secure Coding Guidelines Security plays a critical role in the implementation of business operations based on any new technologies. The main purpose of a secure coding guideline is to guide the developer/ programmer to develop a secure application. To reduce the e the  security vulnerabilities caused by programmer error, developers should adhere to recommended coding guidelines. […]

Sun VirtualBox

Sun VirtualBox – Desktop Virtualization Sun VirtualBox software is Sun’s enterprise-class, open-source virtualization solution for desktops and laptops. It runs multiple OS’s at the same time on the same hardware; enables cross- platform, multi-tier applications; supports virtual server environments; and provides remote access to guest virtual machines from anywhere. It’s the first application of its […]

How to check performance in J2EE applications

How to check performance in J2EE applications The below article provides some tips on finding out the application performance and an insight on what to look out for while performance tuning J2EE based applications. This is predominantly for Solaris platform Measuring the CPU Utilization:   Sample output     spdim502:# mpstat 2 CPU minf mjf xcal  intr […]

Cross-site scripting – part 2

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web
applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users.

Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web
applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users.

XDoclet tutorial

The XDoclet is an open source code generation engine. It enables Attribute-Oriented Programming for java. In short, this means that you can add more significance to your code by adding Meta data (attributes) to your java sources. This is done in special JavaDoc tags. XDoclet will parse your source files and generate many artifacts such […]