J2EE References

What is Beehive

What is Beehive The Apache Beehive is a Java Application Framework designed to make the development of Java EE based applications quicker and easier. It makes use of various open-source projects at Apache like XMLBeans. It leverages the latest innovations in Java 5 which includes JSR-175 which is a facility for annotating fields, methods and […]

AWT vs Swings

AWT vs Swings When developing a Java program it is important to select the appropriate Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) components. There are two basic sets of components that you will most likely build your Java programs with. These two groups of components are called the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and Swing. Both of these […]

J2EE Checklists

A Java J2EE Code Review and best practices checklist is something which a developer or a reviewer should always have in handy and this should be used before getting your code for deployment to production. Security guidelines and checklist are also of importance and should be taken into account before deployment. Category –Functional Separation Avoid HTML code […]

Flash Remoting for J2EE

Macromedia Flash is a multimedia graphics program specially for use on the Web Flash enables you to create interactive “movies” on the Web Flash uses vector graphics, which means that the graphics can be scaled to any size without losing clarity/quality Flash does not require programming skills and is easy to learn The advantages of […]