MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers

What is GridFS in MongoDB?

The GridFS is a specification for storing and retrieving files that precede the BSON-document size limit of 16MB. Rather than storing a file in a single document. The GridFS categorize a file into parts, or chunks and stores each of those chunks as an individual document.

Can you run multiple JavaScript operations in a single MongoDB instance?

Yes, The V8 JavaScript engine is included in 2.4 which provides multiple JavaScript operations to execute at the same time.

Are null value allowed in MongoDB?

For members of an object, yes, you cannot include null to a database collection, though a null is not an object. You can add {}, though.

Explain what is a master or primary in MongoDB?

In MongoDB a master or primary is a node/member which currently the primary and processes all writes for the replica set. In this replica set on a failover event, another member can become primary.

Mention what is a secondary or slave in MongoDB?

In MongoDB secondary or slave is a node/member which provides operations from the current primary. This is done by tailing the replication oplog ( The replication from primary to secondary is a synchronous, while the secondary will try to stay as close to recent as possible.

Mention what type of DBMS is MongoDB?

The MongoDB is a document oriented DBMS.

What are the NoSQL databases?

In modern times, the internet is loaded with big data, big users, and big complexity and so on. So, we can say that, MongoDB is  becoming more complex day by day. The MongoDB is not a traditional database management system, not a relational database management system. The full form of NoSQL is Not Only SQL. The NoSQL is a type of database that can handle and sort all types of unstructured, messy and important data.

Is MongoDB a NoSQL database?

Yes, MongoDB is a NoSQL database.